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These tests are necessary in order to prevent and, if necessary, treat thrombotic complications in pregnant women (pulmonary embolism, varicose veins of the lower extremities, cerebral stroke, etc.).

Determination of the level of chorionic gonadotropin and antibodies to it in the blood of a pregnant woman. Chorionic gonadotropin is a hormonally active substance synthesized by the placenta. The greater the mass of the placenta, the correspondingly higher the concentration of this substance in the blood. Thus, during the normal course of pregnancy, the titer of chorionic gonadotropin should progressively increase, however, while being within acceptable limits for the corresponding week of gestation (bearing the fetus).

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Study of the composition of the amniotic fluid obtained by amniocentesis.

Amniotic fluid is produced by the walls of the sac and contains electrolytes and nutrients (mainly amino acids). By swallowing these substances, the fetus receives some of the energy and plastic substrate for its development. In addition, the amniotic fluid contains waste products of the fetus and the scales of its epithelium. Since the amniotic fluid is constantly being renewed, fetal waste (mainly urea) is constantly removed, and its composition remains relatively unchanged.

By examining the epidermal scales by karyotyping, it is possible to determine the sex of the unborn child and early diagnosis of some genetic diseases. Cytological examination of these scales allows diagnosing malignant neoplasms in the fetus.